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Manuscript Review

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Your manuscript must be accepted by a PineValley acquisitions editor before it can be published or any other services purchased.



Plus applicable taxes.
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Some restrictions may apply


At PineValley, we know that you want your book to be a success, whether that means, for you, strong sales, or the opportunity to express your values and vision, or that your book will be read and appreciated by the people you care about most. For this reason, we believe we can serve you best by limiting the manuscripts we select for publication to those that will benefit from our particular editorial strengths and appeal to the special interests of the audience we have cultivated over the past 30-plus years.

We also know that the ultimate success of any book depends on the quality of the writing. Put simply, people prefer to read books that are well-written and well-edited.

To help you achieve success in all these areas, we require that all manuscripts undergo a Manuscript Review. The fee for this service is $199 and is non-refundable.

The Manuscript Review process

First, the acquisitions editor will evaluate your manuscript focusing on three key areas:

  1. spelling, punctuation, and grammar (Will the manuscript benefit from a copyedit?)
  2. syntax: word order and sentence structure, vocabulary and word choice (Will the manuscript benefit from a stylistic/line edit?)
  3. overall presentation, organization, and consistency (Will the manuscript benefit from a substantive/structural edit?)

By this time, the acquisitions editor will also have been able to establish whether the subject matter and content of the manuscript is a good fit with PineValley’s established publishing categories.


To avoid paying the Manuscript Review fee only to have your manuscript returned to you, please review our publishing categories carefully prior to submitting your manuscript.

If your manuscript is not a good fit, it will be returned to you. However, you will still receive the editor’s full evaluation, which will provide you with invaluable insights into how to make your book better and potentially increase the chances that it will be accepted by another publisher.

If the subject and content of your manuscript fit with our PineValley publishing categories and your manuscript is approved for publication, the acquisitions editor will recommend the editorial services that best address the specific needs of your manuscript, based on the analysis contained in the Manuscript Review.

But in the end it is up to you. You can decide to have PineValley publish the manuscript “as is,” you can do the work yourself, you can have someone else edit your manuscript, or you can choose to have a professional PineValley editor do the work for you.

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