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up to 500 entries*


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up to 1000 entries*


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Many non-fiction books will benefit from having an index because the presence of an index will make it more appealing to libraries, schools, students and other serious readers.

At PineValley, we can create a computer-generated key-word index for you. A computer-generated keyword index lists a page number for a key word each time it occurs in the book. You simply give us a list of the key words you want to appear in the index. We then create the index by tagging each meaningful occurrence of the selected words in your manuscript.

The value of this type of index depends on the keywords you choose. Ideally, your key words should represent critical concepts, important names (either place names or the names of people), or other pieces of information that readers may want to access quickly and easily. It is equally important not to include words that appear frequently throughout the text, as this would result in a very long and essentially useless index.

An index can only be created after all other editorial work has been completed and signed off by you.  

Note: A computer-generated, concordance-style index has no logical organization other than alphabetization, and only exact word matches can be indexed using the approach.


* Each time a key word is referenced by page number in the index counts as one entry. For example, if a key word appears 25 times throughout the book, it will have 25 page references in the index, which will count as 25 entries.

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