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Writing the Sacred

List Price: $24.95

A Psalm-inspired Path to Appreciating and Writing Sacred Poetry

Ray McGinnis

224 PP | 7.25" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-896836-73-7

In this unique book, Ray McGinnis offers us a new, deeper, and more meaningful way to explore and understand the Psalms. Vividly connecting us with the original psalm writers, McGinnis discusses the intent and meaning of the historical psalms, and then sets us on a path to creating our own sacred poetry. Explaining the various literary devices used, and the intention behind the various types of psalms, McGinnis leads us through sensory and poetic exercises designed to transform the reader into an inspired modern day psalmist.

Ray McGinnis, Author

Ray McGinnis is a poet and psalm enthusiast and has written in journals all his life. He has taught over 3000 people how to write prayers, poetry, and autobiographies, all the while guiding them to bring their whole heart, mind and spirit to the process.

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Media Reviews

Ellen Turnbull, editor at Wood Lake Publishing

I love this book: not because I want to be a great poet (although it provides great inspiration and guidelines for writing, and one never knows…) but because this book makes it easy to access what is in my heart and put it to paper, without worrying whether or not it’s any “good.” This books allows me to appreciate sacred writing (from many cultures) and lets me understand that my wonderings, fears, gratitude, and need to give and receive love are fundamental to the Creation I am a part of. I don’t always write when I pick up this book; sometimes I just read and connect with what’s in my heart at the moment. Ray’s wisdom and clarity shine through the pages in this accessible and spiritually nurturing book.


Great book review! I have this book, and have done a workshop with Ray, and I love the book, too. Thanks for your insights and the reminder about a great book!

Suzanne Edgar