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The Heart of Conflict

List Price: $25.00

Print$20.00 eBook$9.98
A Spirituality of Transformation

Dr. Elinor Powell

288 PP | 6" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-896836-57-7

We are all spiritual beings. Our spirituality is an inborn part of our nature - the essence of who we are as aware and intuitive human beings. Having an appreciation of the spiritual in our lives allows us to explore the deepest layer of our being, for ourselves, for our relationships with each other, and for the world beyond.

In The Heart of Conflict, Dr. Elinor Powell takes a fresh look at conflict, and then suggests that it is our spirit that is put to the test and most clearly manifested when we are faced with any challenge in our lives.

Dr. Elinor Powell, Author

Powell is a retired physician of endocrinology and internal medicine. In the early 1980s she joined the peace movement, founded the Victoria Chapter of the Physicians for Social Responsibility, and became affiliated with the national organization, and the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). In 1988 she obtained a Certificate in Conflict Management from the Justice Institute, BC, and has since practiced as a mediator and trainer of conflict management at the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Management in Victoria. She has given many different workshops on conflict management across Canada.

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Media Reviews

Julia Wilson, The Rare Bird

This is a serious, well-researched book about ways of dealing with conflict. Although it was not always an easy read, I enjoyed exploring the subject and discovering innovative approaches to conflict and negotiation.

There is a very good bibliography and some well-chosen quotes at the start of each chapter. At the close of the book there is a wonderful “Meditation On a Quarrel.”

Gordon Sloan, Interaction

This is the writing of a multi-cultured elder, the wisdom of experience, the plain fundamentals of spirit, the integration of years of intuition and practice; the heart of reconciliation.

Her book is not for the faint of heart. Its realities are demanding and its spirituality, both on the individual psychological plane and societally, is relentless.

Throughout my read of this book, I was possessed by the idea that this writer has been working an uncompromising way with peace, justice and spirit for decades.

The book’s section “The Mediator in Action” is a gem as is Elinor Powell’s “Meditation on a Quarrel” which comes almost as an after thought before the footnotes. In a world where humankind is gradually realizing its inter-relationship, this book comes as an inspiring breath of fresh air.

Shelly M Sampson, Glad Tidings

I trust that by reading this book you will find a new self, a new beginning and the hope that we all need as the human race to survive.

Janet Silman, The Observer

This extraordinary book reveals the spiritual nature of conflict, both personal and international, and demonstrates how the mediation of conflict can lead to reconciliation and new life. An essential resource for conflict resolution ministries.

Larry Fisk

No matter how much you already know or don’t know about conflict resolution methods or what your particular religious beliefs about peacemaking might be, this book gently guides the reader through the dominant styles of dealing with conflict while revealing its spiritual core.