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What makes PineValley and Wood Lake Publishing the right indie publisher for you?

Common Values and Complimentary Strengths

Choosing a publisher is a lot like choosing a business partner or a mate. Things tend to work out best when you have common values and complementary strengths.


For over 30 years, Wood Lake Publishing has been publishing quality books under its WoodLake, Northstone, and CopperHouse imprints – books that promote positive social and spiritual values. We’ve built our reputation on it. It’s what we believe in and it’s what we know and love.

PineValley is the name of Wood Lake Publishing's new supported-self-publishing program and imprint.

Unlike other companies that offer self-publishing services and that have few, if any, publishing restrictions, we believe we can serve you best by limiting our selections to those that will benefit from our particular editorial strengths and that will reflect the interests of our audience. After all, there’s no point spending time and money to put your book in front of thousands of people who have no interest in your subject.

By choosing PineValley you are choosing to put your book in front of the people who will most want to read it and you can rest in the knowledge that the other PineValley titles around it will “fit” with the social and spiritual values you want to promote.